Meet, Eat, Drink, Shop and Be Merrie!

We also offer a variety of Chilled Sodas, Water, Ice Tea, Ice Coffee(seasonal).  Our Hot Beverages are also available year - round as an iced option...We aim to please!


That's right!  We are a coffee shop with options! Please ask about our latest selection of Craft Beers and interesting Wine Selections...which you are invited to enjoy in our Secret permitting!


                                        12oz       16oz

  • Coffee                          $1.95       $2.50
  • Hot Tea                        $1.95       $2.50
  • Cafe Latte                    $3.50       $3.95
  • Mocha Latte                 $3.75       $4.25
  • Penn's Latte                 $3.95       $4.50
  • Chai Latte                     $3.95       $4.50
  • Cappuccino                  $3.25       $3.75
  • Hot Chocolate               $2.75       $3.25
  • Steamed Milk                $2.25       $2.75

                                              Single      Double

  • Espresso                      $2.25       $4.00
  • Espresso con Panna    $2.75       $4.50
  • Cubano                        $2.75       $4.50
  • Macchiatto                   $2.75       $4.50     

We offer a variety of different syrups to choose from to customize your chosen Cup-of-Joe. The Penn's Latte is our signature latte...we ALWAYS suggest you choose a large...or your taste buds will be severely disappointed!

And More!

  • Brie & Fruit Platter...$16.95
  • Hummus Platter...$9.25
  • Salmon Nachos...$10.95
  • Salmon Burger on Wheat...$9.25
  • Individual White Pizza...$9.25
  • Homemade Quiche of the Day...$8.95


  • Toasted Bagel with Butter..$2.50                    *With Cream Cheese...$2.95                    * With Peanut Butter....$3.50
  • Greek Yogurt...$1.95
  • Yogurt Granola Parfait...$3.95
  • Piece of Fresh Fruit...$1.25

Also offering a delicious assortment of pastries, muffins & desserts...including Desserts by Dana.  You have to taste the signature dessert he made especially for us!

Tossed Salad Topped with:

  • Ham Salad...$7.50
  • Curry Chicken salad with Cranberries...$7.95
  • Tuna Salad...$7.95
  • Salmon Salad...$7.95
  • Falafel Salad...$10.95


  • Tossed Salad (Includes Organic Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese, Cranberries, Seeds and Nuts and your choice of Dressing)...$5.95


​(Served All Day)

Soup du Jour

8oz of the best soup ever served with Gluten Free Multi-Grain Chips...$4.95

Grown-up PBJs

(Why should kids have all the fun!)

  • East meets Southwest(Kickin' Hot Peanut Butter with Ginger Jam & Banana)...$6.50
  • Banana Split(Chocolate Peanut Butter with Strawberry Jam & Banana)...$6.50
  • Pennsberrie(Cappuccino Peanut Butter with Raspberry Jam & Banana)...$6.50

SANDWICHES                                                     Breakfast

Egg Sandwich...$4.25

(Scrambled on your choice of bread or bagel)      

  • With Cheese...$4.50
  • With Cheese & Canadian Bacon...$5.50
  • With Cheese & Turkey Sausage...$5.75


(Served on your choice of bread with greens & special sauce, chips or piece of fresh fruit)

  • Ham Salad...$6.95
  • Curry Chicken with Cranberries...$7.50
  • Tuna Salad...$7.50 
  • Salmon Salad...$7.50
  • ​Falafel...$9.95

Penn's Place