"Candles by Kate"

Artisan - Kate Walls

Kate Walls of "Originals by Kate", has been making candles for 25 years, the last 6 years professionally.  A true mixologist, she is the master of creating unique as well as familiar scents, utilizing several types of wax to create a wider range of candle creations.  While she can make traditional jar or pillar candles, her true artistry is designing candles like the ones pictured.  They are so lifelike you will be tempted to take a sip...

​Contact Kate at kates_originals@yahoo.com

"Steam Punk Junction"

Artisan - Sami Campbell-Sarver

In addition to Sami's talent as a jeweler...she is also an amazing creator of Steam Punk. Never know quite what you will find...which is all a part of the fun! 

​Contact Sami at samisfarmhouse@pennsplace.net

"Sami's Jewelry"

Artisan - Sami Campbell-Sarver

Sami Campbell  has been making unique jewelry since 1982, when her Mom passed and left her The Button Box.  Specializing in custom heritage and Steampunk jewelry, she uses items that have come from your past, Mom’s or Grandmom’s,  and custom designs jewelry that means something special to the customer ordering it.  Being mostly self taught, she has a gift for funky designs and has taken silver, glass and PMC classes to enhance her natural talent.  Utilizing her small studio in Broadkill Beach, she designs, teaches jewelry classes, and sells unique beads and findings.  Sami shops at the Arizona International Gem and Jewelry show each year so she can offer the best pics of stones and findings.  She can also be found in Lewes and Milford where she works for five major jewelry stores doing restringing and pearl knotting repairs. 

​Contact Sami at samisfarmhouse@pennsplace.net

"Snickers Ditch Trunk Company"

Artisans - Ken & Eileen Sturgis

Ken,  of “Snicker Ditch Trunk Company", finds  authentic steamer and doll trunks from the mid 1800's through 1920's and refurbishes them using original methods including bent nails.  He fusses over each piece bringing out all the beauty and charm...making it ready for its new owner to love for many years to come.  Also along with his exquisite trunks, he offers antique accessories and beautiful quilts, Christmas stockings, etc., made by his talented wife Eileen. 

​Contact Ken and Eileen atsnickersditchtrunks@pennsplace.net

"Penn Studio"

Artisans - William Penn High School Students

Experience history in the making with the partnership between William Penn High School's upcoming talented art students and Penn's Place. WPHS students are showcasing their artistic talents by creating art for sale just like any other real-world artisan. It is a wonderful collaboration that will allow for this upcoming generation of talented artisans to go beyond the classroom and immerse themselves directly into the community...raising us and them...to another level!

​Contact Penn Studio atkimberly.davis@colonial.k12.de.us

"DC Wood Customs"

Artisan - Doug Cameron

Utilizing a variety of woods, Doug makes wood items that include pens, bracelets, pizza cutters, beautiful bowls...your imagination is the limit.  Choose from a wide selection of already finished items, or design your own.  In the artist's own words... “I choose the woods whose colors  I believe will enhance the beauty of the piece I am creating. How I create each piece is an art form that is re- written for every creation.”​

Contact Doug atdcwoodcustoms@aol.com

"Bit of History"

Artisan - Jean Norvell

"Bit of History" is a gift shop that offers items that bespeak its colonial past.  It highlights crafts, toys, and skills of pre 21st Century New Castle.  You can find Lavender, Mint, and Patchouli Organic soaps, made from 100% natural fragrances, hand made by local crafts people as they were 200 years ago.  For children there are toys authentic to the past, ranging from Penny Whistles, "Buzz Saws," and "Jacob's Ladder" to locally produced wooden trains from a much later era.  If your offspring are particularly troublesome, we also have the answer!  Memorialize  their visit with a picture of them taken in the stocks -  a punishment in use in Delaware well into the 20th century!  

Contact Bit of History at jean@pennsplace.net

Current Artisans

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